What to Know about Asbestos Disposal in Western Sydney

Does your building require asbestos disposal in Western Sydney? Many homeowners and business owners assume that the answer is no, and that asbestos hasn’t been used in Australia in many years. In truth, asbestos was not formally banned in Australia until 31 December 2003. Up through the mid-1980s, very few countries in the world had a higher rate of asbestos usage than Australia. As a result, most buildings constructed prior to 1990 have some trace of asbestos.

Benefits of Asbestos Removal in Western Sydney

At Nadwie Asbestos Removal, we are trained and licensed in the removal and disposal of nonfriable asbestos. If you believe that your building might have asbestos, we can perform a thorough asbestos check in Western Sydney. If we discover asbestos on the premises, we can devise a removal and disposal plan that will keep you and anyone in your building safe and sound.

Here are a few benefits of our asbestos inspections and removals:

Why Trust Nadwie Asbestos Removal with Asbestos Disposal in Western Sydney

What makes Nadwie Asbestos Removal a reliable company to remove asbestos flooring or asbestos insulation in Western Sydney? Here are a few reasons to trust our company:

Our experience. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, we have the processes and protocols necessary to carry out each job safely, effectively and completely.

Our track record. We couldn’t have gotten this far without strong support and word-of-mouth from our customers. We have a glowing track record for delivering quality results and pairing them with terrific customer service. Read our customer testimonials to learn more.

Our versatility. Whether you own a small house or a large commercial warehouse, there is no job that is too small or too big for us. You can count on us for asbestos removal in Western Sydney, regardless of the scope of the job.

Why Nadwie Asbestos Removal Is Cost-Effective

If you live in a newer house or work in a newer commercial building, you likely don’t have to worry about asbestos. It’s been banned for the better part of two decades and has not been mined or widely used in Australia since the 1980s. However, if you own an older building, then the safety and peace of mind to be gleaned from an asbestos inspection is more than worth the cost of the service. Call us today to schedule your asbestos disposal in Western Sydney.